Episode 34: Oh the places you’ll knit!

This week Ariel and MJ are joined by Steph to discuss knitting on the go. Where do you knit outside of your home? How do you decide on projects to take with you when traveling?

Episode 34: Oh the places you’ll knit!
Featured intro music excerpt: “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths

We’re joined this week by Steph of Squirrel and Stash to talk about knitting while traveling.

What we’ve been up to

MJ has been knitting
    • The sound of silence.
Steph has been knitting (and crocheting)
    • Finishing up the Sunshine Day Afghan
    • Working on a custom Acorn Trail>
      Ariel has been knitting
      Ariel’s WIP Counter

      Beginning WIPs: 28 pre-2015 projects
      minus Finished Projects: 2, but not pre-2015
      minus Frogged Projects: 0
      … grand total of 28 pre-2015 WIPs

      This week we discuss how we decide what kinds of knitting we like to do on the go, and what criteria we take under consideration when picking travel knitting projects.

      Some considerations include:

    • Project size
    • Pattern complexity
    • Amount of yarn needed
    • How much and what kind of knitting time we will have

How do you pick knitting to travel with?

P.S. Steph finished her awesome blanket!


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