Episode 32: Pattern Problems

This week, Kate Atherley joins Ariel and MJ to talk about knitting patterns. Her new book, Pattern Writing for Knit Designers, is a great resource for designers looking to write clear and complete patterns. We talk about a few topics relevant to knitters and designers alike!

Episode 32: Pattern Problems
Featured intro music excerpt: “Malibu” by Hole

What we’ve been up to

Kate is knitting
  • Actually she’s frogging and restarting a sock design. Hey, it happens to everyone!
MJ has been knitting
  • Nothing again, but she’s planning to start a project very soon.
Ariel has been knitting
  • Finished the Simple Beret by Knitbot at work
  • Started a Christmas stocking for her cousin, which needs to be finished ASAP!
Ariel’s WIP Counter

Beginning WIPs: 31 projects
minus Finished Projects: 1
minus Frogged Projects: 0
plus New Projects Started: 1
… grand total of 31 current WIPs

This week we’re joined by Kate Atherley, who just put out a new book, Pattern Writing for Knit Designers. Kate has a background in the tech industry as a technical editor. Now she’s a designer, writer, and technical editor (notably for Knitty!) who is using her background to help make patterns better.

We talk about some of the really critical information you need to knit a pattern. Specifically, we talk about yarn information and size vs. measurements. Give us a listen to hear what Kate has to say!

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