Episode 29: My First Sweater

This week (actually several weeks ago) Ariel and MJ talk to you about their first sweaters, their favorite sweaters, and some other sweaters that they’ve knit.

Episode 29: My First Sweater
Featured intro music excerpt: “Undone – The Sweater Song” by Weezer

What we’ve been up to

MJ has been knitting
  • A swatch! Hooray!
Ariel has been knitting
Ariel’s WIP Counter

Beginning WIPs: 31 projects
minus Finished Projects: 8
minus Frogged Projects: 1
plus New Projects Started: 14? Can that be right?
… grand total of 36 current WIPs

Rockefeller has been frogged!

rockefeller frogged


Our First Sweaters

MJ and Ariel tell the stories of the first sweaters they ever knit. They also discuss their favorite sweaters to wear, and some of the other sweaters they’ve knit.

Patterns Mentioned
First Sweaters:
  • MJ made a self-designed cardigan with cheap acrylic and huge primary colored plastic buttons
  • Ariel made Rogue, which was very popular at the time, in Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride
Favorite Sweaters:
  • MJ’s favorite sweaters to wear are store-bought
  • Ariel’s favorite sweater to wear is York, a zippered cardigan knit in Noro Kureyon
Next on the sweater Horizon?
  • Ariel has started her first Custom Fit sweater, Alight
  • Ariel is thinking about starting Breakwater to wear at Rhinebeck with Cathy and her matching Breakwater
  • MJ and Ariel have both had their share of failed sweaters, some of them due to their “man shoulders”

Spoiler Alert:

This podcast was recorded ages ago, so a few updates:
  • Ariel’s niece was born in early October and is doing well
  • Ariel did not start Breakwater or finish a Rhinebeck sweater (we’re sure no one is surprised)
  • Our podcastiversary winner, dethniter, has received her prize!

Tell us about your first sweater!

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