Episode 28: Birds of a Feather Knit Together

This week Ariel and MJ are joined by Mia of the Stitches ‘n YOs podcast to talk about knitting groups. Ariel and Mia met years ago at a knitting group in Oregon, and they share their experiences there and with other knitting groups.

Episode 28: Birds of a Feather Knit Together
Featured intro music excerpt: “She’s Got Issues” by The Offspring

What we’ve been up to

MJ has been knitting
  • Nada, but she has made great strides in her education
Mia has been knitting

Wait… who’s Mia? She’s our special guest here to talk about knitting groups. She’s knithappensyo on ravelry, and also has a podcast Stitches ‘n YO’s – warning, explicit content

Ariel has been knitting
Ariel’s WIP Counter

Something went awry with the WIP counter, but Ariel has 31 current WIPs.

Knitting Groups

All of us have been in various knitting groups over our knitting careers. We talk about where to find one, and what we like and don’t like.

How do I find a knitting group?
  • Search ravelry for groups in your area
  • Ask at your LYS
The Good
  • Meeting other people interested in knitting
  • Getting social time
  • Seeing what patterns are new and exciting, and what other people are knitting
The Not-So-Good
  • Knitting group drama
  • Being judged based on what you are knitting
  • Getting distracted while working on more complex projects
  • Boring food choices / being tempted by half-price baked goods

Do you have a knitting group? Tell us about it!

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