Episode 27: Podcastiversary

Happy First Birthday, Starjay Knits! Ariel and MJ celebrate their first year as podcast co-hosts extraordinaire and look back the past year, the good, the bad (maybe), and the new!

Episode 27: Podcastiversary
Featured intro music excerpt: “Empty” by God Lives Underwater


What we’ve been up to

MJ has been knitting
  • Not knitting :-/
Ariel has been knitting
Ariel’s WIP Counter

Beginning WIPs: 36 projects
minus Finished Projects: 1
plus New Projects Started: 0
… grand total of 35 current WIPs

Starjay Knits, Year One!

We talked about knitting (duh!) and other stuff that happened too.

We got to interact with some cool people
… and we released some patterns
And other stuff happened, other than knitting!
  • … like, moving, new job, new school, and things. You know… “stuff” happened!

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