Episode 26: A Long Time Coming

In this episode, Ariel and MJ talk about their project timelines. MJ works on one project monogamously and generally gets done quickly, while Ariel likes to work on many things at a time and finishes after a little while… or maybe years.

Episode 26: A Long Time Coming
Featured intro music excerpt: “Once Upon A Time” by The Smashing Pumpkins

What we’ve been up to

MJ has been knitting
  • Not knitting :-/
Ariel has been knitting
Ariel’s WIP Counter

Beginning WIPs: 35 projects
minus Finished Projects: 2
plus New Projects Started: 2
minus Old WIP Frogged: 1
… grand total of 34 current WIPs (Ok, so we were a bit distracted during the episode, the actual factual official count is 34 :))

What’s your WIP timeline?

How long does it take you to start and finish a project? Do you knit monogamously on that single project or do you work on multiple things simultaneously? Are there certain types of projects that seem to take (figuratively) forever – much longer than the others? What distractions and obstacles do you experience? When a project becomes a lost cause, do you know when to quit and frog, or do you let it live in WIP-land forever? Ariel and MJ weigh in with their thoughts (and Java the cat too! Meow!).

Patterns Mentioned

How do you know when it’s time to let go of the project? Share your stories!

How long does it take you to finish or frog a project?

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