Episode 25: I Want to Knit That!

This week, Ariel and MJ discuss how they choose their projects: sometimes it’s all about yarn, sometimes it’s a type of item, or sometimes it’s a specific pattern. What inspires you to knit a particular project?

Episode 25: I Want to Knit That!
Featured intro music excerpt: “I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio” by Stereophonics

What we’ve been up to

MJ has been knitting
  • Not knitting :-/
Ariel has been knitting
  • Working on New Year socks
  • Started and finished a blanket square for a swap.
Ariel’s WIP Counter

Beginning WIPs: 35 projects
minus Finished Projects: 1
plus New Projects Started: 1
… grand total of 35 current WIPs (even though we miscounted in the episode – it’s thirty FIVE, not thirty six :))

I want to knit that!

By Yarn
  • Choose¬†yarn from stash and look for patterns that use that yarn
  • Colors – probably not the best idea to use dark or heavily variegated yarn for complicated lace or cables
By type of garment/item/feature
  • Type of item – Hat, shawl, sweater, sock, etc
  • Feature of item – type of fabric/texture, stitch patterns, etc
Specific pattern
  • “I want to knit that!” – instant attraction
  • Unusual construction
Patterns Mentioned
  • Op Art baby blanket from Knitty
  • Skew¬†socks from Knitty

How do you choose your project? What inspires you? Share your stories!

What inspires you to knit a particular project?

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