About Starjay Knits

Starjay Knits Podcast of DOOM? Yes. DOOOOOOM!

Starjay Knits is a(n almost) bi-weekly podcast about knitting. We, of course, sometimes talk about other fun things (like cats). But really, it's mostly about knitting.

We are a couple of knitting friends who met through now-defunct knittyboard chatroom back in 2006 and we have been almost inseperable ever since (or as much as we can be since we live almost 2000 miles apart)!

In fact, you can hear about how we met and all that fun stuff on our very first episode!

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... Then a little bit about us

Ariel is

... a scientist by day, a knitter by... well, all the time! Ariel lives in Seattle with three adorable cats. In her spare time, she likes to design socks, sing in a choir, and attempt to grow plants in her very first garden.



MJ is

... currently an old full-time student. MJ lives by the lake in Milwaukee with her boyfriend of dozen+ years and a slightly used cat. Other than knitting, she likes to bake cookies and hug the crap out of her cat (poor kitty).


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